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Every designer kitchen should have a Zip Hyrdotap. Zip is a proudly Australian business that has been operating since 1947. With Zip's Hyrdotap range you can choose from a variety of taps to suit your kitchen. Combining an innovative approach to functional drinking solutions and streamlined aesthetics Zip Water has become synonymous with stylish, on-demand refreshment. Zip's commitment to functional engineering and instantaneous, filtered water will simplify life around the home and ensure you always have access to convenient, clean hydration.

Hydrotap G5 Classic

Hydrotap G5 Arc

Zip Taps

Pure Refreshment in an instant!

Designed with the perfect balance of superior quality and outstanding convenience, you will find yourself drinking more.  With Zip HydroTap, choose instantly boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the press of a button, all from the one beautifully designed system.