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A premium washing machine that’s designed perfectly for your home and lifestyle will remove laundry woes and help in achieving smarter and efficient results. Eliminate the guesswork out of laundry, and at the same time, enjoy longer wear of your garments, reduced consumption of resources, lower utility bills and increase overall laundry satisfaction with a new washing machine.
At Designer Appliances, we’ll here at every step of the purchasing journey to help you find the right washing machine for your needs. Choose from platinum brands such as Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Samsung, Electrolux and LG across a range of washing machines including Front Load Washing Machines, Top Load Washing Machines and Washer Dryer Combos.

Types of Washing Machines

Each with their own unique design, modes of operations, functions and benefits, the most popular types of washing machines available on the market include Front Load Washing Machines, Top Load Washing Machines and Washer Dryer Combos.


Front Load Washing Machines

An increasingly popular type of washing machine, a Front Load Washing Machine is best indicated by their front facing door. Front Load Washing Machines operate with a horizontal drum which rotates to wash, rinse and spin clothes. A Front Load Washing Machine is generally more energy and water efficient when compared to a Top Load Washing Machine, and they’re also an ideal choice for smaller laundries as it can be installed under a bench or with a dryer stacked on top.


Top Load Washing Machines

Indicated by their top opening, Top Load Washing Machines often feature a large capacity to fit more garments, often at an affordable price point than Front Load Washing Machines. A traditionally designed Top Load Washing Machine features an upright wash drum and a centre agitator which rotates to wash clothes. Newer models of Top Load Washing Machines now feature an upright wash drum with no agitator, delivering effective and quieter washes that are gentle on garments.


Washer Dryer Combos

Perfect for smaller laundries, Washer Dryer Combos are a space-saving 2-in-1 appliance with both washing and drying functions. Providing ultimate laundry convenience, Washer Dryer Combos let you wash and dry in one cycle. It should be noted that the capacity of washing and drying will differ in a Washer Dryer Combo, since drying requires more drum space for air circulation; for example, a Washer Dryer Combo with a 10kg washing capacity may only have a 6kg drying capacity.

Things to Consider when Buying a Washing Machine

Washing Capacity

Measured in kilograms (kg), the washing machine’s capacity is indicative of its ability to wash a certain amount of clothes with the weight of a dry load. For example, an 8kg washing machine can wash a load of dry clothes that weighs up to 8kg.

As your life stage evolves and your washing requirements change, so too does your washing capacity. Use our laundry capacity guide below to find the right washing machine capacity for your home:  


Washing Capacity (kg)

Household Size

Up to 6kg

Single or couples


Small family


Medium family


Large family



Motor Type

Often not a contributing factor, whilst equally important, the washing machine’s motor type will influence its operation, and other variables too including noise, durability, and efficiency. Many new washing machines typically feature an inverter motor whilst older models operate with a non-inverter (traditional) motor.


Inverter vs Non-Inverter Motor

Inverter Motors are a new type of motor which doesn’t employ brushes, belts, chains or gearboxes. Unlike traditional non-inverter motors, Inverter Motors, also known as Direct Drive, have fewer moving parts, with less friction, reduced operating noise and wear and tear, providing greater performance and durability. Inverter motors can also intelligently adjust its speed to suit the laundry load and wash cycle, meaning greater efficiency, helping to reduce your environmental footprint and saving you on operational costs. When compared to non-inverter motors, a washing machine with an inverter motor operates quietly, so that it can be run at any time of day.



The most effective way to reduce environmental impact is by observing consumption levels and efficiency ratings. All washing machines have a unique energy and water (WELS) rating, indicating usage levels and efficiency. Expressed with ‘stars’, the number of stars will show how energy or water efficient the washing machine is. The more ‘stars’, the more efficient the washing machine’s performance.


TIP: To further decrease impact, make use of resource-reducing wash cycles such as ‘Eco’ and ‘Energy Saving’.


Smart Control

Smart washing machines are Wi-Fi enabled, meaning they can be connected to your home network to enable a world of remote, intelligent control. Effortlessly and intelligently manage your laundry via an app on your compatible smart device or using your voice with smart home assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Benefits of smart app control

Enjoy more time doing other things outside of laundry with the convenience of remote control. With a touch of a button, you can access personalised wash cycles, schedule, start, pause and keep track of the washing machine’s cycle no matter where you are – across the room, while you’re grocery shopping or at the gym.

Washing Machine Functions to Look Out For 


A common feature across many washing machine brands, AutoDose is an automatic detergent dispensing system that releases the optimal amount of detergent based on your load’s conditions. With the right detergent amount used, AutoDose systems can help produce ideal washing results without detergent waste or residue that lingers on garments.  

Many washing machine brands will have an auto dispensing system, with varying names and methods of operation between them. Washing machine brands with AutoDose include AEG, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux and Beko.


Steam Refresh

Ideal for use on seasonal clothes and worn-once items, Steam Refresh functions use high temperatures and steam to revitalise garments. Steam Refresh also eliminates creases and kills bacteria and odours for a like-new feeling without the time and consumption of a full wash. Washing machine brands with Steam Refresh functions include Fisher & Paykel, LG and Beko.

Add Items /Pause

Add in last-minute items to your wash even after it has started with ‘Pause’ and ‘Add Item’ functions. A ‘Pause’ function typically lets you halt the washing cycle whereas an ‘Add Item’ function completely stops the wash cycle so that you can add items to the washing machine. Add Items/Pause functions have different names depending on the manufacturer, for example Fisher & Paykel have ‘Add a Garment’, Electrolux’s is ‘Add Clothes’, Miele calls theirs ‘AddLoad’ and LG have ‘Add Item’.



The wash time, energy and water consumption are all determined by the use of intelligent built-in sensors which senses the load’s conditions, including weight and level of soiling. Many washing machines with an ‘Auto’ cycle will use built-in sensors to optimise wash conditions that are both effective and efficient. The auto-sensing function differs between brands, indicated by their various names, for example AEG have ‘ProSense’, Electrolux’s is ’SensorWash’ while Fisher & Paykel and LG use ‘Load Sensing’. 



Eliminate bacteria, viruses, allergens and other contaminants from garments with hygienic wash options. Washing machines with hygienic wash options use high temperatures and or steam to remove contaminants, making them great when washing baby clothes or when there’s allergies or illness in the household. Many washing machine manufacturers have Hygiene or Allergy cycles, albeit with different names, for instance, Fisher & Paykel have ‘Allergy’ and ‘Sanitise’, Westinghouse’s is ‘Plus Hygiene’, Electrolux call theirs ‘Hygienic Care’ while LG’s is ‘Allergy Care’.  



Reduce the need for ironing with ‘Anti-Crease’ options. ‘Anti-Crease’ options work by tumbling washed clothes at the end of the cycle to prevent creasing or wrinkling. The ‘Anti-Crease’ feature will differ in name depending on the brand, for example Fisher & Paykel have called theirs ‘Wrinkle Free’, Samsung have ‘Wrinkle Prevent’ and LG’s is ‘Wrinkle Care’.



What’s considered the best washing machine for one household will differ to your unique needs. The best washing machine will be fit for purpose, meeting your household’s laundry needs; which at a minimum will be able to wash for the number of people in your household; with the right washing capacity and appropriate number of functions to suit your garments. The washing machine should also fit well into your laundry space and configuration.

When selecting a washing machines; keep in mind if it will be right for your needs, with extra features and functions a bonus. Other top considerations to look out for include smart control, compatibility with dryers as well as energy and water efficiency.

At Designer Appliances, we stock a large range of washing machine brands with a wide collection of stock and price points. Popular washing machine brands include Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Electrolux, LG and Samsung. To find the best washing machine brand for your needs, browse and compare washing machines online or talk to our friendly staff at your local Designer Appliances gallery.

The answer depends on your laundry needs, budget, space and the value of efficiency in your home. With a lower price point and a larger washing capacity, Top Load Washing Machines are great for large families. However, they do require more space above to accommodate for the top opening door, and they’re not as energy or water efficient when compared to Front Load Washing Machines. On the other hand, Front Load Washing Machines despite its higher price point, are more efficient than Top Load Washing Machines, and they’re also suitable for smaller laundries, with the ability for stacking of a dryer or placement under a benchtop.

The perfect laundry solution for smaller laundries such as those in apartments, granny flats and tiny homes, Washer Dryer Combos are designed for those with limited laundry spaces, as well as households that don’t require regular drying. With their 2-in-1 function of washing and drying, Washer Dryer Combos should be considered if budget and space are top factors.