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Enhance your laundry experience with a high-performing, durable and efficient clothes dryer. Featuring convenient and time-saving functions, a clothes dryer works to perfectly dry garments, with many clothes dryers also delivering a suite of treatments including hygienically removing germs, refreshing garments and reducing creases.

There are three types of clothes dryers available, they include Heat Pump Dryers, Condenser Dryers and Vented Dryers. Explore the range and find the perfect clothes dryer to suit your laundry needs from premium brands including Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Westinghouse, Asko, Beko and AEG.

Types of Clothes Dryers 

Vented Dryers: generally the most cost-effective dryer, vented dryers operate by circulating hot air within the dryer’s drum to dry clothes. Warm, damp air from drying is vented into an external area of your home, like through a duct or window. Using traditional forms of heating, Vented Dryers have the highest running costs, despite their low purchase price.


Condenser Dryers: works by expelling hot air to dry clothes, with moisture from wet clothes collected before being condensed into water in a ‘tank’. The collected water then needs to be emptied or drained, depending on the dryer’s installation. Condenser Dryers do not require venting outside of the home, however a well-ventilated space is ideal to prevent condensation and mould build up. 


Heat Pump Dryers: a popular dryer type, heat pump dryers work by using heated air and recycling it to dry clothes. During drying, any moisture collected from clothes are turned into warm air to be reused to dry garments. Excess damp air is extracted into water that is collected in a tank which must be emptied. Heat Pump Dryers don't require venting, making them ideal for use in all types of laundry configurations. Despite its premium price tag, a Heat Pump Dryer’s efficient operation quickly pays itself off. 


Washer Dryer Combos: a 2-in-1 unit which provides both washing and drying functions, this space-saving laundry solution is perfect for small laundries. The dryer in a Washer Dryer Combo is often powered by either Condenser or Heat Pump drying technology, providing energy efficient drying without the need for external venting. 



Condenser Dryers vs Heat Pump Dryers

There is often some confusion about how a Heat Pump Dryer and a Condenser Dryer works. While similar by design, Condenser Dryers generate more heat and require well-ventilated spaces in comparison to Heat Pump Dryers.


Condenser Dryers transform hot air into water during drying, while Heat Pump Dryers recycle and reuse heated air to dry clothes. Both Condenser and Heat Pump Dryers don't require venting, making them suitable for all types of homes. 


Overall, both Condenser Dryers and Heat Pump Dryers offer greater efficiency and value when compared to Vented Dryers.



Dryer Capacity Guide

A dryer’s capacity should match your laundry lifestyle and needs. It’s essential that the dryer’s drum size suits your load, as running a drying cycle with an overfilled load risks damage to the dryer’s drum. 


The capacity of a clothes dryer is expressed in kilograms (kg), indicating the maximum laundry load (with a dry weight) that the dryer can accommodate. View our dryer capacity guide below to see which dryer size is best for your household:


Household Size Dryer Capacity
Household of 1-2 Under 5kg
Small family (3-4 people) 5kg – 7kg
Large family (5+ people) 8kg+



Essential Dryer Features & Functions

Regardless of the type of dryer, many will feature similar programs and functions. Below are some common dryer functions and features to know when embarking on your dryer purchasing journey:


Sensor Drying: Sensor drying ensures clothes are dried without under or over drying them, helping to protect garments for longer-lasting wear. This is possible thanks to the dryer’s built-in sensors which measure moisture levels and load weight to determine drying conditions.


Reverse Tumble: A dryer’s reverse tumble action spins clothes in a clockwise direction, followed by anti-clockwise to reduce folds and creases in garments. Reverse tumbling reduces the need for ironing.


Steam Refresh: Steam Refresh programs use high temperatures and steam to revitalise and refresh garments without the need for a full wash. The steam lightly smooths out creases, removes odours and in some cases, kill germs and bacteria for a hygienic result.



Eco Drying: This energy-saving program helps to reduce consumption of power, delivering eco-friendly drying.


Woolmark Certified: Dryers with a Woolmark certification have been tested to provide delicate drying of woollen garments, making it ideal for jumpers, scarves and gloves. 


Anti-Wrinkle: This drying function reduces wrinkles and creases in clothes, reducing ironing effort and potentially eliminating the need for ironing altogether.


Drying Rack: Included with most dryers, a drying rack enables drying of non-tumble items like silk garments, soft toys and shoes. Just place the drying rack into the dryer’s drum and add your item(s) on top of the rack before drying. 



Smart Drying Programs and Smart Control

Enhance your drying experience with intelligent drying programs and smarter control. Ensure your laundry needs are met and enjoy greater control with everything from app to voice control.


AI Drying: Dryers with built-in sensors and artificial intelligence work to provide refined drying results. The dryer detects the load’s weight, fabric types and humidity levels to optimise drying in real-time, helping you achieve perfectly dried results. 


Smart Pairing: Smart pairing sees compatible washing machines and dryers synced to deliver a seamless laundry experience. Communication between the washing machine and dryer ensures that the dryer’s program matches the one used for washing, so that your laundry load can be cared for effectively. For example, woollens washed with the wool program are also dried using the wool cycle. 


Smart Control: Dryers with Wi-Fi connectivity can be remotely monitored and controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy the convenience of remote control to access a range of additional features, such as downloading extra programs, scheduling drying and even monitoring energy use. 


Smart clothes dryers may also be voice control compatible with home assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Simply use a voice command to control the dryer.



Dryer Efficiency

Observe the dryer’s Energy Ratings to achieve greater efficiency when drying. Measured by a number of ‘stars’, a dryer’s Energy Rating will indicate how energy efficient the dryer is; with a higher rating indicating greater efficiency. 


Tip: Heat Pump Dryers are the most efficient dryers, often with high Energy Ratings of 5-Stars onwards. 



Dryer Installation Options

There are many dryer installation methods available. Aside from the dryer type, your laundry space and room ventilation will also play a role. Explore common dryer installation styles below:


Wall-Mounted: only Vented Dryers can be wall mounted due to their light weight. Condenser and Heat Pump Dryers are too heavy for wall mounting and need to be placed on the floor or stacked on top of a front load washing machine. 


Stacked: dryers can be stacked on top of Front Load Washing Machines. A stacking kit that’s often included with the dryer is used to ensure that the dryer is fitted properly. 


Ground Level: if wall mounting or stacking is not an option, dryers can be placed on the ground. Washer Dryer Combos are typically placed on the floor due to their heavy unit weight.



Side-by-Side: should your laundry space allow it, your dryer can be paired next to your washing machine. Having a dryer side-by-side with a washing machine helps prevent awkward loading and unloading at a higher height. 


Elevated: use a laundry pedestal (sold separately) to elevate the dryer for easy loading and unloading. Most laundry pedestals include a storage drawer that’s perfect for stockpiling essentials like detergent and pegs.




The best dryer to buy is the one that’s best suited to meeting the unique needs of your laundry. To find the perfect dryer for your laundry, consider important factors such as the number of people in your household, the dryer’s capacity, and the number of functions against the types of garments you would typically need dried.

Both heat pump and condenser dryers convert moisture into water that needs to be drained. However, they differ in that a Heat Pump Dryer reuses the heated air to dry clothes, meanwhile Condenser Dryers expel the hot air. Condenser Dryers also require a well-ventilated space to prevent condensation and mould while Heat Pump Dryers can be used almost anywhere. You should weigh up the features and benefits of each dryer to determine which one is the right type for your laundry.

For smaller laundries such as those in apartments, granny flats and tiny homes, Washer Dryer Combos are the ideal laundry solution. If your household doesn’t require regular drying, a Washer Dryer Combo will also satisfy, providing both washing and drying functions when you need it!

Take advantage of the dryer’s environmentally friendly programs such as ‘Eco’ and ‘Energy Saving’ to achieve efficient results. You should also dry according to the dryer’s capacity to prevent an overloaded drum which will negatively impact the dryer’s operation.

At Designer Appliances, we pride ourselves on delivering quality clothes dryers from premium brands including Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Asko and AEG. Across all brands, you can be sure to enjoy leading drying technologies, user convenience and greater efficiency in your home laundry. To find the perfect dryer for your home, speak to a team member at one of our galleries or shop online today.