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Here for you and your business. Introducing Zip Biz.

Here for you and your business. Introducing Zip Biz.

Here for you and your business. Introducing Zip Biz.  

Whether you need an urgent purchase to complete your project or your credit limit is not adequate for your spending requirements, say goodbye to piles of paperwork and lengthy delays at the bank with Zip Biz.   

Zip Biz is a safesimple and reusable line of credit, offering small businesses the ability to buy now and pay later for all their needs across multiple retailers online or in-store 

Receive $100 cashback with your new Zip Business account

What is Zip Biz? 

As a small business owner, managing your cash flow is vital to your business. Zip Biz can help you successfully navigate what can sometimes be a tricky balance to achieve by allowing you to get the job done now and pay later. 

Zip Biz offers a unique service with currently no market alternatives. It is a simple revolving line of credit that gives you, as a business, more freedom and flexibility when it comes to your cash flow. If you need quick access to greater and better cash flow to get the job done, Zip Biz provides you with this working capital and access within minutes of your application. 

 As part of Zip Biz’s product offering, you receive a reusable spending limit of up to $25,000 with no establishment or ongoing fees. You receive a statement on the first day of each month which will provide a summary of all purchases made the month prior and your closing balance. Then you have until the end of the month to pay off your balance for the account to remain fee free. If it’s the case that you need more time, there are a variety of flexible repayment plans to consider.

How does it work? 

Set up an account, apply and Zip Biz will give you a decision in minutes.   

Once approved, you can use your account immediately to purchase wherever you see ZIP at checkout. That’s right, you can use this Zip Biz loan across multiple retailers to source your materials. Whatever your business needs, Zip has a partner to help. For example, head into the hardware to get your timber and paint, to the tiling store to pick up your tiles and head into to Designer Appliances for all of your kitchen and laundry appliances. Everything you need to get the job done; you can pay for using Zip Biz.  

Plus, as an added bonus, if you make repayments with your Credit Card, you will still earn your frequent flyer/loyalty rewards points on your Zip Biz purchases… win, win!   

To help you better understand how Zip Biz works, we’ve also outlined some frequently asked questions below:   


Frequently Asked Questions 

Zip Biz 

What’s the Spending Limit with Zip Biz? 

You get a reusable digital wallet with a spending limit of up to $25,000. 


How do I apply? 

Apply online or at a retail partner and get approved within 30 minutes. 


What are the fees?  

There are no establishment or ongoing monthly account fees. 


What if I only use part of my limit? 

Use what you need up to your credit limit, with no need to pay interest on unused funds. 


Is Zip Biz interest free? 

Yes, you receive up to 60 days interest free. 


What’s the repayment schedule like?  

Choose repayments to suit you - weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments with no  

up-front payments at time of purchase. 


What if I need more time to pay? 

If you elect to Part Pay your balance and extend for a further 30 days, a 2.5% fee applies.  


What’s the late fees for Zip Biz? 

If the minimum repayment amount is not paid by the due date, a 1.5% fee will be added to your account on any outstanding balance.  


What cards can I use to make my repayments? 

Debit and credit cards are able to be used to repay your Zip Biz account. If using your credit card, you are still eligible to receive frequent flyer or reward points 


How do I manage my account and stay on top of payments?   

Manage your account using the Zip app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices 


Am I eligible for Zip Biz?  

To be eligible for Zip Biz, you have to meet the below criteria:  

  • Have an active ABN or CAN 
  • Be in business for more than 6 months 
  • Have over $5,000 in monthly sales  

How do I get started?  

Zip Biz lets you get on with your business. Whether you’re a designer, plumber, electrician, cabinet maker or builder, you can purchase the materials you need to do your job easily.  


Looking to increase your business’ buying power today? Click here to create your account and start buying what your business needs now and pay later, all interest free.