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Important Update: Zero Contact Delivery

In the interests of protecting the health and safety of our customers and drivers, during the current COVID-19 climate, we may be unable to offer installation of products. If in doubt, please check with your local gallery for specific details. Products can and will be delivered to your front door/garage. If you would still like us to remove the packaging, please let us know and this will be done before it leaves our shop. Any removal of old products need to be ready out the front at the time of delivery.

For more information on Zero Contact Delivery and COVID-19 visit our FAQs here >

Door-2-Door Delivery:

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, please contact your local store to discuss your delivery requirements. 

Extra Services:

A team member from your Designer Appliance gallery will qualify any specific requirements you may have prior to arranging the delivery of your goods. All associated costs with these additional services are to be paid direct to the Designer Appliance gallery that is facilitating the delivery. 

If requested at time of purchase we can perform standard connection for washing machines, dryers and fridges. Please note “connection” is defined as plugging an appliance to an available power supply, or attaching a laundry appliance up to existing available plumbing. 

For the installation of appliances such as cooktops, ovens and any applications requiring modifications to existing cabinetry or joinery, you will need to request an installation.  


Designer Appliance Premium Delivery Checklist

One thing we want to avoid is unforeseen variables when attempting to deliver appliances that result in additional costs. Please review the below checklist before placing your order so we can do our best to meet your needs and expectations. We reserve the right to charge for additional time and services required to make a delivery that fails to adhere to the below checklist.

 Verify dimensions – (top, bottom & middle of appliance) – will your new appliance fit in the intended area?

 Check for obstacles or space restrictions along path to the hook up location (i.e although the new appliance fits in the intended area, will it fit through the front door, up the stairs or through internal doorways?)

 Verify that an unloading zone is available within 7m of the home for parking and access

 Verify that there are less than three (3) steps to get to the install location (not applicable if an elevator is available and the appliance will fit).

 You will be required to present your proof of purchase and photo ID upon delivery

 Inspect your new appliance for any visible damage. Notify the delivery driver of any damage at time of hook up

 Verify that taps and plumbing are all in working order. Often old taps that haven’t been used before tend to leak when turned on for the first time. This is not of fault of the appliance.

 BEFORE we are to remove an old appliance – verify that it is no larger (size and weight) than the new appliance being delivered. We cannot remove items that are larger and subsequently require additional personnel for the removal.

 Delivery drivers are NOT qualified to install fridges with ICE MAKERS. Please arrange for a qualified plumber to install the ice maker.

 Modern day dryers tend to be larger than older ones. This might result in the dryer bracket position having to be moved. This is not included in our door-to-door delivery price.

 We do NOT carry bulky items up spiral staircases. If you have a spiral staircases, we will bring the appliance inside up to the bottom of the staircase.

Note: Appliance hook up and removal services vary by state and local area. If in doubt we recommend that you contact your local Designer Appliance store for prices and availability.