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Promotion Starts: 2nd May 2022

Promotion Ends: 31st May 2022

Redemption Period Ends: 9th June 2022

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Terms and conditions

  • Total 5-year warranty comprises a combination of the relevant manufacturer’s warranty and the Promoter’s Back Up Plan. The periods of each will differ for various products i.e. 2 year manufacturer warranty + 3 year Back Up Plan
  • Offer applies to selected models only, eligible models include:
  • Brand Model Bonus Warranty
    Electrolux ESF8735RKX 3 Years
    Electrolux ERI842DSD 3 Years
    Electrolux EHG645SE 3 Years
    Electrolux EHI635BE 3 Years
    Electrolux EVE615DSE 3 Years
    Electrolux ERC925DSD 3 Years
    Electrolux EVEP614DSE 3 Years
    Smeg CPRA315X 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel HC90PCB1 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel HC90PCX1 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel OR90SCI4X1 3 Years
    Westinghouse WRI824BB 3 Years
    Westinghouse WHG958BC 3 Years
    Westinghouse WMB4425DSC 3 Years
    Westinghouse WQE6000BB 3 Years
    BeefEater BRC214SA 3 Years
    BeefEater BS12840S 3 Years
    BeefEater BSW318SA 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel RS90A1 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel RF610ADUX5 3 Years
    Electrolux EBE4507SCR 3 Years
    Electrolux EBE5307BCR 3 Years
    Electrolux EHE5267BC 3 Years
    LG DVH9-08B 3 Years
    Smeg SFA4303VCPX 3 Years
    Smeg SFA4303MCX 3 Years
    Smeg CPRA315X 3 Years
    LG WV9-1408B 3 Years
    Smeg SFPA6301TVN 3 Years
    Smeg SFPA6301TVX 3 Years
    Smeg SFA63M3TVX 3 Years
    Smeg FS9606XSN 3 Years
    Smeg FS9608AS 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel HP90IDCHX3 3 Years
    Westinghouse WVEP617DSC 3 Years
    Electrolux EWW1042R7WB 3 Years
    Smeg SAI4634D 3 Years
    Smeg SAI4954D 3 Years
    Smeg PGA64 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel DW60UZ6B 3 Years
    Electrolux EHI955BE 3 Years
    Electrolux EVEP615DSE 3 Years
    Electrolux EVEP616DSE 3 Years
    Electrolux EHG955BE 3 Years
    Smeg SFA4301MCN 3 Years
    Smeg SFA4301MCX 3 Years
    Smeg PGA96 3 Years
    Westinghouse WHI945BC 3 Years
    Westinghouse WFE646DSC 3 Years
    Vintec VWD050SBBX 3 Years
    Vintec VBS050SBBX 3 Years
    LG GFV570MBL 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel DD60DTX6I1 3 Years
    Electrolux EVEP618DSE 3 Years
    Electrolux EVEP626DSE 3 Years
    Electrolux EVEP619DSE 3 Years
    Westinghouse WVEP917DSC 3 Years
    Westinghouse WFEP917DSD 3 Years
    BeefEater BSH158SA 3 Years
    Vintec VWM148SBAR 3 Years
    Vintec VWM148SBAL 3 Years
    Westinghouse WQE6870BA 3 Years
    Smeg DOSPA6395X 3 Years
    Electrolux EVEP916DSE 3 Years
    Electrolux EHH957BE 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel RF605QZUVB1 3 Years
    Electrolux EHE6899BA 3 Years
    Smeg SFP9395X1 3 Years
    Smeg TRA90BL9 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel F&PCOOKPACK1 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel F&PCOOKPACK2 3 Years
    Fisher & Paykel F&PCOOKPACK3 3 Years
    BeefEater BEEFEATERBBQPACK1 3 Years
    BeefEater BEEFEATERBBQPACK2 3 Years
    Vintec VINTECPACK1 3 Years
    Vintec VINTECPACK2 3 Years
  • The 5 year warranty is in addition to the automatic consumer guarantees which apply under the Australian Consumer Law, for more information visit
  • Information on how to claim your 5 year warranty, forms part of these terms and conditions.
  • The promotion runs from the 2nd May 2022 - 31st May 2022
  • Offer is open to individuals who purchase any of the participating products as listed. Individuals who purchase these products are eligible to receive the 5 year warranty, through application and proof of purchase, and deposit paid. Deposit paid purchases - A 30% deposit must be paid within the promotional period and full payment must be paid to be eligible for gift card. Full payment must be paid by the 9th June 2022 to be eligible for gift card.
  • Invoiced and fully paid purchases - A fully paid invoice must be supplied at point of redemption.
  • All redemption forms MUST be received by the Promoter online at by COB 9th June 2022
  • Submissions received after close of business on the 9th June 2022 will not be processes.
  • Please allow for up to 8 WEEKS FROM THE END OF THE PROMOTION PERIOD for the processing and return to your nominated address.
  • The Offer cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offers including commercial sales, and is redeemable on a maximum of three products per individual and related entity. The Promoter's decision is final on all matters pertaining to this Offer and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • To claim their 5 year warranty the consumer must submit a completed online redemption form (with their name and address inserted) plus proof of purchase (i.e. a scanned copy or photo of the original or copy of sales receipt).
  • The Promoter reserves the right to verify the validity of claims. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any claimant for tampering with the claim process or for submitting a claim which is not in accordance with these conditions.
  • Bonus Offer is not applicable to Staff and their immediate family.
  • No responsibility accepted for late, lost or misdirected mail or claims.
  • The Promoter requires the claimant’s personal information in order to conduct the promotion. If the claimant does not provide this personal information then they will not be able to take part in the promotion. By entering the promotion, unless otherwise advised by the claimant, each claimant consents to the information they submit with their entry being entered into a database and the Promoter may use this information in any media for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without any further reference or payment or other compensation to the entrant. All personal information of the claimants will managed in accordance with the Promoter’s Privacy Policy available on the Promoter’s Website
  • Offer only valid at participating Betta Home Living stores and authorised BSR Group websites.
  • Offer not valid for sales made via 3rd party marketplace sites, including but not limited to eBay, Amazon, Catch, The Myer Market or Bunnings MarketLink.
  • A maximum of one Offer is redeemable for each eligible product purchased.
  • Definitions:
  • ‘Designer Appliances’ means the corporate stores owned by BSR Group and its participating retailer franchisees.
  • ‘BSR Group’ means BSR Franchising Pty Ltd ABN 21 122 566 094
  • ‘Commercial Sales’ means sales not for domestic or household use, or goods sold for resale.
  • ‘Offer’ means the offer referred to in these Terms and Conditions.
  • ‘Personal Information’ has the meaning given to it under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
  • ‘Promoter’ means BSR Franchising Pty Ltd ABN 21 122 566 094.
  • ‘Promoter’s Website’ means
  • ‘Staff’ means staff of BSR Australia Limited, and franchisees and service recipients of BSR Franchising Pty Ltd.