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How Will You Add to Your Wine's Story?

How Will You Add to Your Wine's Story?

Here in Australia, the correct wine storage can be especially hard to achieve thanks to our humidity and heat, but Vintec wine cabinets are designed to replicate the optimal conditions of an underground cellar.

Keeping wine can be tricky, but with a Vintec wine cellar or cabinet, you can never go wrong.

Who are Vintec?

Started by two French wine-lovers, Vintec was founded with the goal of creating climate-controlled cabinets that allowed people to enjoy better, longer-lasting wine. Vintec provides tools, content, and a community so that bourgeoning and experienced wine enthusiasts alike can enjoy and care for their wine.

Wine cabinet vs wine fridge: What’s the Difference?

A wine cabinet is designed to deliver a climate-controlled solution to storing your wine. Often, wine fridges are too cold and dry to care well for your wine, however wine cabinets are designed to replicate th environment of underground cellars, giving you a better tasting wine.

Why you need a Wine Cabinet

Wine cabinet’s protect your fridge against elements that could disrupt it from aging at its best. Vintec uses the five pillars of wine storage to prevent this – Stable Temperature, Humidity, Light, Vibration Proof, and Quality Airflow.

1.       Stable Temperature

Without proper storage, wine loses its vibrancy in both taste and colour, altering flavours and aging it, but Vintec wine cabinets are designed to preserve you wine by maintaining a consistent temperature. The insulated side panels and double glazed doors keeps your wine at its best.

2.       Humidity

To prevent dry, crumbly corks and oxidised wines, Vintec cabinets are designed with a self-regulating humidity feature and regulated air circulation that keeps your wines fresher for longer and prevents them oxidising

1.       Light

The amount of UV light that is on your wine bottle plays an integral part in its colour and flavour. If left in natural light, red wines become paler and whites become yellower, and they age prematurely. Vintec’s UV resistant tinted glass doors and UV free lighting prevent wine discolouration and keep the light from effecting your wine.

2.       Vibration Proof Environment

When the slightest of vibrations can keep your wine from maturing properly, it’s important to make sure that this is prevented. Vintec Wine Cabinets are especially designed with oak shelving and sliding shelf railings to absorb and reduce vibrations, allowing your wine to be stored in a protected environment.

3.       Quality Airflow

Efficient airflow throughout your cabinet is important to ensure consistent, flowing filtered air throughout the fridge cavity. This limits odours from penetrating your wine and mould growing on corks and labels. Vintec Wine Cabinets are equipped with an efficient air circulation system to protect your wine and maintain airflow.

Our Favourite Vintec Cabinets

Vintec 50 Bottle Wine Cabinet (Model VWD050SBB-X IPN 815052)

Compact and stylish, this 50 bottle wine cabinet fits beautifully in your home. It features two separate zones, making it ideal for storing both red and white wine. Plus, you can set the top zone at 6-8 degrees for your white wine and champagne, and the bottom zone at 16-18 degrees for your red wine.

Vintec 100 Beer Bottle Beverage Centre (Model VBS050SBB-X IPN 815050)

Bring some luxury to your beverage storage with this 100 Bottle Beverage Centre. The internal cabin keeps all your beer cold at 2-5 degrees, while also chilling your white wine and champagne for the perfect serving temperature. The internal LED lighting allows you to pick the best bottles easily.

Vintec 148 Bottle Wine Cabinet – Black (Model VWM148SBA-L IPN 809797)

Always have a bottle ready to entertain with this 148 Bottle Wine Cabinet. Choose from single zone cooling for cellaring or multi-temperature for cooling and serving of different types of wine, while you can easily control conditions with the digital display and keep kids out with the security lock. This model is also available as right hand hinged (VWM148SBA-R).

When you have milestones and occasions you want a celebrate, cracking open a bottle of wine or champagne is a great way to do that. With a Vintec wine cabinet, you can make the moment even more special by presenting a bottle that has been stored in the optimal conditions.