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Water with a Difference

Water with a Difference

Experience the innovation and convenience of on demand filtered water with Zip. Zip’s range of Hydrotaps offer fresh, filtered water at the touch of a button.

Whether you want chilled, boiling, or sparkling water, you can have it all with Zip’s stylish HydroTaps for the home or office with a range of styles and colours.

Zip HydroTap

When you’ve had a long summer’s day at work and need a cool down, or if it’s just afternoon teatime, the convenience of fresh, pure water at your fingertips is a little luxury everyone deserves.

Zip’s range of HydroTaps’ are environmentally friendly and sustainable, as well as inexpensive to run thanks to their state-of-the-art under-bench command centre.

With a Zip HydroTap, you can experience exceptional quality and design with multiple configurations and options such as chilled, boiling, ambient and sparkling to choose from, including sensor and touch-pad options for extra ease of use.

Zip for the Home

Accessible and simple to use, Zip seeks to make drinking water a pleasurable experience by designing taps that not only look great in the home, but allow you to access fresher, healthier water with ease.

Zip’s micron filtration system removes bacteria and other pollutants as small as 1/5000th of a millimetre to give you clear, healthy drinking water.

The range of stylish designs, including more traditional looking or gooseneck taps, allow you to choose an aesthetic that suits your kitchen.

Zip taps are also a great time saver. Chilled, sparkling, and boiling water all take time to produce, but with a Zip tap these can be had instantly, meaning no more time wasted on waiting for the kettle to boil or ice to cool down your drinking water.

Zip for the Office

If you’re looking for a fresh source of drinking water for the office, a Zip tap is the right choice.

Powered by G5 technology, these taps offer convenient solutions for today’s workspaces, including SteriTouch antimicrobial protection built into key water surfaces within the tap and on the touch pad.

Zip’s Touch-Free Wave range also offers an extra hygienic solution for the workplace, allowing access to pure-tasting water with the wave of a hand.

With a Zip tap, convenience and style merge to bring you a tap designed for the modern lifestyle. Zip make drinking water a pleasurable experience by bringing you a range of taps in beautiful finishes and styles that are easy to use.

Accessorise your kitchen with a tap from Zip. Shop the Zip range online or in-store at your local gallery today.

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