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Smeg’s Colourful Portofino Range

The Portofino range is more than just a visual delight. At its core, it's a technological marvel. The Portofino not just any cooker, but the most energy-efficient large-format cooker on the market. 


Timeless & Luxurious: Enhance your kitchen aesthetic with Smeg

Step into a world where design meets decadence, where every culinary corner exudes an air of timeless elegance. Delve into the captivating realm of Smeg aesthetics and the art of crafting a luxurious kitchen ambiance.

With a focus on the renowned designs and an unwavering commitment to detail, let’s unravel how Smeg seamlessly blends practicality with artistic expression. 


Father’s Day Gift Guide: Premium Presents Dad Will Adore

Whether you're considering a thoughtful gesture for your father, grandfather, cherished uncle, or even the amiable neighbour living next door, this Father's Day presents a golden opportunity to truly amaze them. Step away from the mundane choices like generic t-shirts, predictable ties, or the ubiquitous body wash sets. Instead, prepare to utterly astound him with a truly opulent gift, one that will seamlessly integrate into his daily life.


Designer Dishwashers

When designing a kitchen it can be easy to focus on the main showstoppers like the cooktop, benches and fridge, however a Dishwasher also makes an impact on the overall look and functionality of the space.

 When choosing your dishwasher it's important to consider the kitchen shape, dishwasher exterior design and materials, and how it will be used. 


Colour My Kitchen with Smeg

Add a burst of colour to your kitchen with Smeg’s retro-styled collection. Inspired by decades past and the vibrant buildings of Portofino in Italy’s Riviera coastline, these appliances combine Smeg’s world class technology with style and craftsmanship.