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How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchens, they’re the heart of the modern home. Whether you spend time crafting special meals, occasionally entertain friends or watch over the kids doing their homework, the perfect kitchen can be achieved with some basic design know-how.


When it comes to renovating or rebuilding an existing kitchen or building a new one, the top 3 considerations to take into account outside your budget, will include your space, how you use the kitchen and who will be using your kitchen. With the above considerations and below tips and tricks, we can help you design your perfect kitchen that will satisfy both your practical and design needs.

Kitchen Shape & Space

Examine the space that will become your perfect kitchen and think about what other rooms are around. If you’ve got space for a designated kitchen area, your kitchen may be shaped in the form of a “U” or “L-shaped design”, smaller areas between a main living area may work better to help build your kitchen in a “galley” style kitchen. If you’ve got a small space for your kitchen it may work best with a “wall kitchen” with “kitchen island” or an “open plan kitchen” that also incorporates your dining and living room. When it comes to lighting, a stylish way to illuminate your kitchen is with pendant lights. Pendants can also divide space and allocate lighting to just one section when you need to. Alternatively, invite natural lighting into the space by means of a glass splashback.

Space Saving Solutions

Now that you’ve determined what shape best suits your kitchen space, maintain a clean and organised kitchen with space-saving solutions. Freestanding cookers uniquely combine a cooktop and oven in one and open up where the oven would have been. When it comes to storage, opt for wall shelves or freestanding open shelves, these are great to store most-used essentials or display collectables and indoor plants. If you’re tight for space on the counter, store knives on a magnetic knife wall but make sure they’re kept away from the younger members of the home.

Convenient Access

Design an effortless kitchen experience that you’ll enjoy being in and using for years to come. Place appliances where it is easiest for you to reach and use, for example, place the oven at

eye-level to minimise bending every time you’re checking your baked goods. Alternatively, if you’re using your freezer often, consider having a freestanding or side-by-side fridge freezer to minimise bending. Store the microwave above countertop height which is ideal for adults reaching yet is out of the way of curious kids.


Create space for deep drawers to store and stack pots and pans for easy access when cooking meals. Space permitting, create a designated bench space or kitchen island bench that can be multi-purpose which is great to eat breakfast or prepare meals at, watch over the kids during homework time or entertain friends before dinner as people gather around. To save additional cupboard space in the main part of your kitchen, the island bench is a great spot to feature a cooktop and integrated rangehood.


Whether you’re a home cook extraordinaire, a regular entertainer or a meal-prep warrior, design the kitchen of your dreams with the help of our kitchen experts!