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Heat Pump Dryers to Love at Designer Appliances

Heat Pump Dryers to Love at Designer Appliances

A clothes dryer is one of the handiest appliances in your home. Time saving and efficient, dryers give you clean, dry clothes more quickly than air-drying. There are three types of dryers to choose from: Vented, Condenser and Heat Pump Dryers. Keep reading to find out the differences between each, and some of our favourite dryers this year.

Types of Dryers:

  • Vented dryers are typically the least expensive, with hot air usually vented to outside of your home or apartment.
  • Condenser dryers expel hot air and collect the moisture from the clothes to dry them. This moisture then turns into vapour and is condensed into water that needs to be drained or emptied.
  • Heat Pump dryers are like Condenser dryers in that they also use hot air to dry garments, except Heat Pump Dryers reuses the hot air to continue drying your garments, which helps to keep energy consumption low.

Heat Pump Dryers vs Condenser Dryers

Condenser Dryers and Heat Pump Dryers offer greater value for money and are often more efficient than Vented dryers. Condenser Dryers can generate more heat than Heat Pump Dryers, and they also need to be placed in a well-ventilated space. Condenser Dryers turn hot air into water that needs to be removed while Heat Pump Dryers conserve and reuse the hot air.

Heat Pump Dryers don’t require venting, making them perfect for all types of homes or apartments. They also take greater care of your garments by using lower temperatures for drying, which results in lower power bills than other dryer types.

Our Favourite Heat Pump Dryers

We understand that no two household’s laundry needs are the same. With a varying range of brands, technologies, and functions, below are popular Heat Pump Dryers that will easily meet your lifestyle, budget and needs.

Fisher & Paykel 8kg Heat Pump Dryer (DH8060P3)

Make laundry day easy thanks to this 8kg Fisher & Paykel Dryer. Boasting a 7-star energy rating, this dryer takes the guesswork out of the drying experience by using auto-sensing technology to detect moisture levels inside the drum to determine drying times. It shuts off automatically when clothes are dried which reduces energy consumption, ensuring clothes last longer. Choose from 13 drying programs including Quick 30, Delicate and Easy Iron for reduced ironing effort. A drying rack is included to dry items that can’t be tumble dried, such as shoes and toys.

Beko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer (BDP710W)

Households of all sizes will love this 7kg Heat Pump Dryer from Beko. Powered by OptiSense sensor drying, which uses humidity and temperature sensors to control the drying conditions, this dryer ensures your garments won't be under or over dried. Boating 15 drying programs, you'll find one to suit your washing needs, such as the BabyProtect+ -  perfect for deep sterilisation of baby clothes, blankets and other items that need a deep clean. This dryer is also sustainable with a 7-star energy rating.

Electrolux 8kg Heat Pump Dryer (EDH803CEWA)

This 8kg Heat Pump Dryer from Electrolux is ideal for growing families. The 13 drying programs and Advanced Sensor Dry technology care for your garments as much as your do.

Featuring Woollens and Silk drying programs, and with Woolmark Blue certification, your delicate items are gently dried, while the 7-Star Energy Rating, this efficient dryer also offers a Refresh cycle to revitalise clothes without the need for washing.

Miele 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer (TWF720WP)

Economical and efficient, this clever 8kg tumble dryer from Miele will care for your garments as it dries them. Featuring 12 drying programs as well as Delay Start and Countdown options, this dryer is designed to suit your needs and schedule. The AddLoad feature allows you to easily add previously forgotten items, while the LED light means no garment will be left behind when the load is finished.

AEG 8kg 9000 Series Heat Pump Condenser Dryer (T8DHC876C)

Featuring 10 programs and the AEG absolute care program, this dryer cares for your garments. The extra large door size allow you to easily load and unload the dryer,  while 3D-Scan Drying Sensor Technology detects moisture still in your garments to adjust the drying time accordingly. The LED display allows you to read and change settings, while the interior light means you won't leave anything behind.

Asko 8kg Heat Pump Condenser Dryer (T208H.W)

Powerful performance meets efficiency in Askos 8kg Heat Pump Condenser Dryer. Perfect for large families, this dryer features 10 programs such as Silk & Wool, Bedding and Auto Iron Dry.

Protect your garments from over-drying with sensor and time-controlled drying while the anti-crease function reduces the need to iron. Control your drying with the LCD display, control knob and push buttons.

For your convenience, this Asko 8kg Dryer includes an Airing function for a quick refresh of your clothes. Also featuring a 7-Star Energy Rating, this Asko dryer is perfect for reducing your consumption.

From your weekly load to bed sheets and knitwear, whatever lands in your laundry basket, dry them effortlessly with this 8kg Dryer.

Cut down your laundry day efforts, save energy and consumption and be ready for those long rainy days with a Heat Pump Dryer. With a growing collection of brands, models, and price range, we’ve got a Heat Pump Dryer that you’ll love.

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