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For many years gas cooktops were always the go-to for many kitchens. Then, in the early 1900’s induction cooking technology was first patented, although market support wasn’t developed until the 2000’s. Since then, there has been controversy as to whether induction or gas cooktops are best for cooking.

So, what exactly is induction and how does it work?

Good question! To put it simply, induction cooktops generate an electro-magnetic field which uses the ferrous material in the cooking vessel to create direct heat, rather than indirect heat from the cooktop element.

A more detailed explanation is that induction cooktops generate magnetism using electricity. Inside the glass cooktop is an electronically controlled coil of metal and when the cooktop is on, it creates a current flow through the coil and creates a magnetic field all around it and above it. When a pan is placed on a cooktop that is turned on, the magnetic fields penetrate the metal of the pan to create resistive heating within the pan itself.

What are the Pros and Cons of each?


Pro: People tend to prefer gas as you can see the heat levels by the flame.

Pro: When the electricity goes out, the gas cooktop will still work.


Con: Requires installation if changing from electric.

Con: More of a fire hazard with an open flame and there is the potential for gas leaks.



Pro: Induction cooktops can get hot directly underneath the cooking vessel, but the rest of the glass surface will never get as hot as other cooktop options.

Pro: They are easier to clean and maintain.

Con:Only works with pots and pans that are made from, or include ferrous metals. When buying pots and pans, it will generally say if they work on induction cooktops.

When deciding what cooktop works best for your home, it mostly comes down to your needs and preferences. If you prefer to see the flame and don’t mind the look of gas, a gas cooktop could be right for you. For those who want a sleeker look, and prefer an option that is easier to clean, induction would be a more suitable choice. Happy cooking!