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Make It Last With Electrolux's Cooking Appliances

Make It Last With Electrolux's Cooking Appliances

Electrolux's range of gorgeously designed appliances combine the best of technology and function to help individuals and households create healthy, delicious, and more sustainable food choices. Research has shown that up to one third of the food produced globally for human consumption goes to waste, and so with their thinking and product development, Electrolux are helping consumers make their food last.

The Range

The UltimateTaste collection features four ranges, all designed to effortlessly fit in with the lifestyle, needs and budget of all households. Products in each range have varying technologies, functions, and price value.


The four ranges within the UltimateTaste collection are: 

  • UltimateTaste 300: practical and durable, these entry-level appliances are fit for the occasional home cook
  • UltimateTaste 500: simplify life in the kitchen with these appliances and gain back time for the things you love
  • UltimateTaste 700: embrace your inner chef with advanced technologies and greater control to maximise your efforts
  • UltimateTaste 900: premium appliances that leave no space for compromise so you can make sustainable, delicious and healthier choices

The Appliances

In all aspects of the kitchen, from food storage to cooking and reheating, there’s a solution for everything with Electrolux UltimateTaste. The collection includes:



Freestanding Cookers




The evolution of ovens means that home cooks can do more than just bake cakes. Ovens of today boast a wide range of cooking functions, and this can be said for the UltimateTaste range. Whether you’re an occasional cook or a home chef making delicious meals daily, there’s an oven for every need.

Added steam in oven cooking continues to dominate and this is clear with cooking programs such as SteamBake, SteamRoast and SteamReheat across UltimateTaste 500, 700 and 900 ovens. Steam lets you enjoy professional results across dishes like roasts, vegetables, baked goods, and even leftovers. After cooking, steam assisted cleaning or pyrolytic cleaning removes mess effortlessly. UltimateTaste 900 ovens offer extensive cooking capabilities with air frying, slow cooking, and dough proving functions


Reheat, cook and even serve warm with UltimateTaste microwave ovens and warming drawers. UltimateTaste microwave ovens were designed to meet all needs, from simple reheating and defrosting to advanced activities such as baking, grilling, and roasting! A range of capacities and sizes are available to suit. The UltimateTaste warming drawer is one that will delight entertainers as it’s a great place to warm plates before serving. The warming drawer’s multi-purpose function means users can also defrost, reheat, slow cook, prove dough, and even dehydrate fruits.

Freestanding Cookers

Large households and entertainers will love the spacious capacity provided by UltimateTaste 900 90cm Freestanding Cookers. These cookers offer a huge 90cm cooktop with gas and induction hob options and a 116L oven to meet any demand.

The induction hob offers intuitive touch controls, FlexiBridge function and Hob2Hood compatibility. Indulge in the power and heat of gas cooking with the gas hob’s DualFlame control and 24MJ wok burner. The Freestanding Cookers’ 116L oven is equally impressive with SteamBake and AirFry functions while the Smart Food Probe ensures food is cooked at the precise temperatures for professional results. Pyrolytic cleaning and pyrolytic-proof racks and runners ensures simple clean up.


There’s a cooktop for every kitchen size and cooking lifestyle.  Whip up family favourites easily, experiment with new recipes, and master the art of home cooking with precise temperature controls. With electric and gas fuel options, find your perfect UltimateTaste cooktop today. 

Ceramic & Induction Cooktops

Cooktops form the centre of your kitchen, where ingredients and flavours are combined to create hearty and tasty meals to nourish you and your household. UltimateTaste ceramic and induction cooktops offer a range of models to suit all needs from simple cooking tasks to those that require precise control.

The UltimateTaste 300 ceramic cooktops have been designed to deliver a carefree cooking experience with its smooth easy-clean glass surface, touch controls, child lock, pause and keep warm functions. Dinner is just a few steps away!

The UltimateTaste 700 and UltimateTaste 900 induction cooktops are available in a range of sizes (60cm, 70cm and 90cm) to cater to any party. Intuitive touch controls and convenience functions like SenseFry, Flexibridge, PowerBoost and Pause puts the cooking power in your hands. With Hob2Hood compatibility, these induction cooktops communicate with rangehoods to automatically extract unwanted odours, smoke and steam.

Enjoy the best of gas and induction cooking from one cooktop with the UltimateTaste Hybrid Induction Cooktop. This versatile cooktop has four induction zones and a high-powered 24MJ/hr DualFlame gas wok burner on the right; easily meeting any meal creation need. Whether you’re simmering soup for a quiet family dinner or whipping up a stir-fry for a group of friends, the Hybrid Induction Cooktop was designed to impress, day after day.

Gas Cooktops

Lock in flavours with the intense heat provided by gas cooktops.

Choose from Stainless Steel and Black Glass designs within the UltimateTaste 500 and UltimateTaste 900 collection to suit your kitchen aesthetics.

Across the gas cooktops, enjoy helpful features such as one hand ignition, DualFlame control for easy flame adjustment, powerful wok burners, stable cast iron pan supports and flame failure devices for greater safety.

Most UltimateTaste gas cooktops come with an LPG conversion kit to offer flexibility in your kitchen.  


Play your part in reducing food waste by cooling and preserving food with UltimateTaste 900 French Door Fridges. Available in Stainless Steel and Dark Stainless Steel, these large 609L capacity fridges are built for families, entertainers and those who value space.

With TwinTech cooling, the fridge ensures food retains its taste and texture for healthy and nutritious meals. Enjoy storage flexibility with the FlexFresh™ Fully Convertible Entertainer’s Drawer which boasts five temperature settings to cool all types of foods and drinks such as cheese, fish, and champagne.

A plumbed water and ice dispenser with cubed and crushed options ensures serving drinks is a breeze! UltimateTaste 900 French Door Fridges are Wi-Fi connected so they can be remotely monitored and controlled via the Electrolux Life App. The app also provides notifications, like reminders to change the water filter. The perfect blend of technology and function, UltimateTaste 900 French Door Fridges are must haves

The pursuit of a healthier, sustainable, and meaningful life starts at home. Nourish yourself and those you love most with better food choices, improved storage conditions and convenient cooking methods that deliver results now and into the future. With Electrolux’s UltimateTaste kitchen appliances, it’s easy to create the future that is better for everyone and the planet