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Be Inspired with AEG

Be Inspired with AEG

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In the kitchen, craft your perfectly home cooked meal with AEG’s range of beautifully intuitive cooking appliances. Whether you’re cooking for two or entertaining a crowd, AEG is sure to please with its range of premium cooking appliances including ovens, cooktops and dishwashers.

SteamPro Oven

Enjoy deliciously nutritious meals with an AEG SteamPro Oven. A SteamPro oven delivers traditional and steam cooking at a simple touch of a button or spin of the command wheel, letting you achieve professional steam cooking results at home. Experience fluffier dough, tender centres, juicer meat and crisper skin in your cooking when you combine the power of oven heating with steam.


 SensePro Cooktop

Why wait around for your food to cook when the cooktop can do that for you. An AEG SensePro cooktop makes use of a wireless food probe to measure the internal temperature of your dish before communicating this to the cooktop. Once your food reaches the desired temperature, heat levels are maintained to ensure optimal results. With a SensePro Cooktop and wireless food probe, it has never been easier to perfect a pan-fried steak, simmer a sauce or even Sous-vide your food.

Hob2Hood Extraction

Spend time in a fresher kitchen, hands free with Hob2Hood Technology. Hob2Hood, which is available on selected AEG Induction Cooktops and Rangehoods, enables automatic extraction of cooking smoke, fumes and odours without touching a button, so your hands and mind are clear to focus on your cooking. Manual control is possible too. Hob2Hood extraction is just another way that AEG makes life in the kitchen stress-free!  

ComfortLift® Dishwashers

Raising the standard in dish care, a ComfortLift® Dishwasher lets you raise the lower basket to meet you – making it easier to load and unload your dishes. With ComfortLift® technology, never again will you have to awkwardly bend down to get the dishes done. Once the lifted basket is loaded, it can gently descend too, providing cares where it matters – for you and your dishes.

Customised Laundry Care 

Laundry day is no longer just about washing and drying your clothes. Ensuring the ultimate in garment care means you can proudly wear your favourite items for years to come and do your part too, by reducing your environmental footprint.

ProSense Technology

In both AEG washing machines and dryers, enjoy greater efficiency thanks to AEG’s ProSense auto sensing technology. ProSense weighs your load to adjust the washing or drying time, and energy and water consumption accordingly, so your garments are perfectly washed or dried without any wastage. As washing and drying cycles are carefully determined, your garments aren’t at risk of damage.


Steam Refresh

Save on consumption and time with a simple Steam Refresh of your garments. Ideal for use with lightly soiled items, you can refresh clothes without running a full wash or using detergent and water. By the power of steam, your clothes are straightened, with odours removed and less wear and tear put on the clothing’s fibres.


AbsoluteCare Drying

An AEG AbsoluteCare System controls the movement and temperature of the drying drum, so your garments are carefully dried to promote long-lasting wear. For example, woollens are kept flat against the drum to avoid stretching while silks are held in a cradle motion to protect from damage.


Experience customised laundry care when you connect your AEG laundry appliance to the

AEG Home App. Use the app from anywhere to set programs, get cycle recommendations, receive notifications when your laundry is ready and more. This is laundry care, right at your fingertips.

Reimagine what it means to live in your home. With AEG’s range of advanced, reliable and luxurious Kitchen and Laundry appliances, everything from making meals to washing and caring for your garments is as effortless as it is pleasurable. To find out more information on AEG appliances and to shop the range, contact your local store today.