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Using advanced technology and innovative design, the Steam Refresh feature delivers exemplary results in a short amount of time. This features utilises extensive and delicate steam technology to remove odours while concurrently using the steam to de-wrinkle your fabrics.


Designed for its versatile capabilities, you can now minimise your laundry time and maximise effective washing.  Steam Refresh uniquely revives your clothing to help you feel fresh and composed each day while delivering optimal and kind care for your fabrics.


Enjoy the long-lasting and effective care on your clothing while using energy-efficient and water reducing options via SmartDriveTM Technology. The same technology also integrates a gentle and quiet wash resulting in less noise while delivering excellent outcomes.


What else is included?

Ease your washing routine by introducing functionality and smart technology to dewrinkle, deodorise, and detangle your clothing. A perfect addition to your home, these Washers are finished in a modern and sleek design.

With Auto Dose, your Washer will provide the exact amount of detergent and fabric softener necessary for your wash, therefore increasing durability and quality while minimising waste.

No matter the fabrics you have in your wardrobe, you can find a washing cycle uniquely perfect for everything  you need with up to 14 high performance cycles to choose from.

Fisher & Paykel Steam Care

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  1. Fisher & Paykel 11kg Front Load Washer