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Fisher & Paykel Bonus Wine Offer

Purchase an eligible Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator during the promotional period and receive a bonus wine pack via redemption with Fisher & Paykel.


Start date: 1st October 2020
End date: 31st December 2020
Redemption cut off: 31st March 2021


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Eligible Models

RF605QDUVX1 (ipn 721706)
RF605QDUVX2 (ipn 814690)
RF605QDVX1 (ipn 721704)
RF605QDUVB1 (ipn 802863)
RF605QDUVB2 (ipn 814689)
RF605QDVB1 (ipn 802864)
RF605QDVB2 (ipn 814691)
RF605QNUVX1 (ipn 814705)
RF605QNUVB1 (ipn 814706)